The Charity Putting
Paramedics Afloat, Saving Lives.


Medical Care on the Water

Paramedics Afloat, Saving Lives.

Lifesaving Equipment on the shore

Public Access Defibrillators for Coastal Communities

2015 Achievements

3 Lives Saved

Our Paramedic crew have provided lifesaving medical interventions improving the outcome.

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30 Medical Calls

Although not immediately life threatening, we have responded to medical emergencies both afloat and on the shore at numerous marine events.

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£40,000 of AEDs

We have helped rural coastal communities to install public access defibrillators to improve the chance of surviving cardiac arrests.

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300 People Trained

We have given local communities the confidence and skills required to deliver lifesaving interventions in an emergency, prior to the arrival of the ambulance service.

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