We are the only charity in the UK providing professional prehospital medical care at sea.  Our medical care is provided by registered health care professionals, who can administer lifesaving medications and deliver advanced treatment prior to reaching the shore.  We operate in co-operation with the Coastguard and NHS and compliment the lifeboat service.


Paramedics Afloat, Saving Lives.


  • Medical Care Afloat
  • Lifesaving Kit Ashore

What We're Doing

Ambulance Boat

We have an Ambulance Boat that is made available to marine based events to improve the level of medical care at the events. As a declared rescue asset, it is recognized by the Coastguard as a specialist lifeboat that delivers prehospital medical care at sea.

She is a 7.5 meter Viking Tornado, powered by 2x 100HP Outboards. Not only is she a highly capable sea boat, she can be towed by road to events around the country.

Public Access Defibrillators

We have helped 20 communities to install public access defibrillators and trained over 400 people in using the lifesaving kit. Thats over £62,000 worth of equipment and support.